Remote ASP.NET (MVC) / C# Developer (Contractor)

Hi. I'm Dmitry Pavlov.

I've been working with ASP.NET, C#, .NET for more than 10 years. Annually awarded with Microsoft MVP Award in 2008 - 2015. I work as a remote contractor (sole proprietor) and can make contracts worldwide, as well as process international bank payments.

My primary skills are: C#, .NET, ASP.NET (MVC), Web API, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Visual Studio, Software Architecture, more...

Work Permit: I am allowed to work as a contractor for companies from US, EU, and other regions for the following reasons. I work remotely from Russia and I am not going to travel to the client's region, so I don't need any VISA. I have a legal entity registered in Russia, so I am acting as a one-person company (not as an individual person), so I don't need any specific work permission to sign a contract and make business with any company in any region. It the same scheme that you would have if a company signed a contact with a foreign company. So I can work remotely for any client as a contractor with everything being legal and properly registered.

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I write really good C# code.

It's always smart, clear to understand and easy to maintain.

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Please send me your requirements. If you can't do that, don't worry. We'll create them together.

Let me code.

I design and develop your project the best possible way. I keep everything documented as well.

Enjoy my work!

All work results are delivered to you with detailed instructions how to deploy and/or maintain the code.

Awesome work makes happy clients.

I have a huge programming background. There are a few projects I would like to highlight.


Developing a powerful feedback gathering platform.

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I speak English and Russian. Learning German. Can always use Google Translate if you speak other languages. You could hire me (and other top notch developers) via Toptal

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